Network Drives
(H:) Personal Home Drive
   1. A place to store your work files that can be accessed on any        network computer in the county.
   2. The files can only be accessed using your Network Login ID and        password.
(P:) Office Common Drive
   A place where the office staff stores common files, i.e. Bus Forms.
(Q:) Teacher Common Drive
   A place teachers can store files to be shared with other teachers
   in the school.
(R:) Student Common Drive
   1. A place teachers can store files to be shared with students.
   2. The students can’t save files to this common drive.
   3. The students see this drive as (S:)
(S:) Student Home Directories
   Teachers have access to all the students (H:) drives in the school.
(T:) Personal Teacher Web Page
   1. Each teacher can create a website.
   2. Files for that website are stored here and can be viewed
       on the Internet.

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