Reporting Computer Problems (Hardware/Software)

Click Here for Computer Repair Form (PDF)pdf

Click Here for Computer Repair Form (DOCX)

Contact your media specialist with all computer problems. Some schools might require a formpdf to be filled out describing the problem. The media specialist will fill out an online ticket that the IT department checks and responds too.
When reporting the problem please include:
Room Number
Which computer: 
   Either by location in the room
   (i.e. computer on teacher’s desk)
   Station 3 if the monitor is labeled
   Asset tag (5 digit white barcode on the computer)
   Description of the problem or steps on how to recreate the problem

Computer won’t turn on.  There is an orange light on the power button

Monitor won’t turn on but there is a green light on the power button

I can’t get to on this computer but it works on my teacher’s computer

I don’t have any network drives (H:, X:, Z: under My Computer)

If I login to this website with username doej and password admin1
then click on the link on the right side for activities nothing happens.