Classroom Inventory and Layout

Please print out a copy of the Classroom Inventory Sheet and Classroom Layout Blank form.

The Classroom Inventory Sheet is to be filled out with a inventory of your classroom furniture and computers in the room (including any serial numbers and/or white barcode stickers). See the examples for reference and links to show you how to find these numbers.

The Classroom Layout Blank form is used to draw a simple diagram of how your classroom is layout currently. See the example form.

The Classroom Inventory Sheet is to be emailed to ComTek

The Classroom Layout Form is to be scanned and emailed to ComTek and put the original taped to your door or to the wall next to your door so the custodial has a reference to how the classroom should be arranged.

Classroom Inventory Sheet (Excel format) Right Click - Choose Save As

Classroom Inventory Sheet (PDF Format)
Classroom Inventory Sheet with Example (PDF Format)
Find the serial number and model of a computer
Classroom Layout Blank Form (PDF Format)
Classroom Layout Example (PDF Format)